LM3 cnc cutter with knife


The LeMans LM3 universal high-precision digital cutting system can cut, notch, punch, cut, mill, crease and mark with high speed and high precision. The feeder and receiving device improves system performance. LeMans LM3 is well suited for prototyping, short and mass production in the outdoor advertising, printing and packaging industries.

Automation of production processes is constantly used:
* The processed material enters the feed zone using a feeder.
* Material is fed into the cutting zone by a conveyor system.
* Optical Positioning System (CCD) improves cutting accuracy.
* The cutting process is performed by high speed cutting tools.
* Finished samples enter the discharge zone using a conveyor system.
* Fully automated production minimizes manual intervention.

Management System Benefits

Management System Benefits Material Library:
iCut software includes material data and cutting parameters. Depending on the material, users may find suitable tools, blades and processing parameters. The library of materials can be individually expanded by the user. New material data and best cutting methods can be determined by users for future work. 
Powerful graphical editor:
iCut has CAD features commonly used in the outdoor advertising and packaging industry. With iCut, users can edit files and even create new ones.
Easy to manage:
iCut has powerful features with ease of management. The operator can learn all the features of iCut within 1 hour and learn how to use them skillfully within 1 day.
Task management:
Users can set the order of work, check previous lists and get a history of completed tasks.
Track cutting path:
The operator can track the cutting path and make adjustments.
Convenient to use:
The operator can optionally set the shortest path of the tool.
The operator can set the carriage parking position after completing the job.
The operator can program the shutdown of the vacuum after completing the job.CutterServer - remote service:
Customers can take advantage of fast online services, such as:
1. Remote fault diagnosis: the user can get help from an engineer through the network.
2. Remote system update: users can update the OS version through a remote service.


Model LM3 1713  LM3 2513  LM3 2517   
Work zone 1700 mm x 1300 mm 2500 mm x 1300 mm 2500 mm x 1700 mm
Machine size 2500 mm x 2100 mm 3200 mm x 2100 mm 3200 mm x 2400 mm
Speed 1500 mm/s  
Acuracy 0,1 mm  
Max material thickness 50 mm  
Data formats DXF, HPGL, PDF  
Material fixation Vacuum table  
Vacuum pump power 5,5kW / 7,5kW / 9kW  
Power 220 В / 50 Hz, 380 В / 50 Hz  
Temperature 0℃-40℃, humidity 20%-80%   


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