LMS3 cnc cutter with knife


LMS3 provides best choice for multi-industries automatic processing. Its system can be precisely used for full cutting, kiss cutting, engraving, creasing, grooving and marking. Meanwhile, precise cutting performance could meet your large format requirement.

The machine is equipped with various intelligent systems that allow cutting with maximum speed and accuracy:

Automatic knife initialization controls the accuracy of the depth of cut using the sensor of the automatic initialization system.
CCD camera, the Precise Positioning System realizes the exact coincidence of the cut contour and the image for various materials. The register system compensates for image deviations during deformation of the material after printing.
The conveyor feed system provides the supply, cutting and unloading of finished products. The continuous feed function allows you to cut long pieces, saving costs and increasing productivity.
Efficient cutting heads, the maximum cutting speed reaches 1.5 m / s (4-6 times faster than manual cutting), which significantly increases production efficiency.
The CutterServer motion control system makes the cutting process smooth, efficient, ideal.
Durable aluminum table. Zone separation of the vacuum allows you to increase the effect of absorption and fixation of the material on the table surface.
Carriage with tool modules. The machine can be equipped with a maximum of three modules-holders for working with a large number of tool inserts.

Width Length 2500mm 3500mm 5500mm Customized size
1550mm   LMS3-2515
Cutting area 2500x1550mm
Floor area 3300x2300mm
Cutting area 3500x1550mm
Floor area 4300x2300mm
Cutting area 5500x1550mm
Floor area 6300x2300mm
Based on standard size of LMS3, can be according customer requirments
2100mm   LMS3-2521
Cutting area 2500x2100mm
Floor area 3300x2900mm
Cutting area 3500x2100mm
Floor area 4300x2900mm
Cutting area 5500x2100mm
Floor area 6300x2900mm
3200mm   LMS3-2532
Cutting area 2500x3200mm
Floor area 3300x4000mm
Cutting area 3500x3200mm
Floor area 4300x4000mm
Cutting area 5500x3200mm
Floor area 6300x4000mm


Pump Vacuum   1-2 Unit
2-3 Unit
3-4 Unit
Beam   Single Beam Can select single beam or dual beams  
Speed   1500mm/s  
Cutting accuracy   0.1mm  
Thickness   50mm  
Data Format   DXF, HPGL  
Interface   Serial Port  
Media   Vacuum system  
Power   220V/50HZ or 380V/50HZ