Handheld laser welding machine


Handheld welding machine introduction

LeMans  handheld  fiber  laser  welding  machine  adopts  the  latest generation   of fiber   laser   to   realize   multi-fiber   simultaneous   output. Compared with traditionalhard optical output system, it can improve the degree of processing freedom, and cansimultaneously process multiple beams  and  multiple  stations.  Machining  provides  conditions  for  more precise  welding.  It  has  the  advantages  of  simple  operation,  beautiful weld seam, fast welding speed and no consumables. It can be welded inmetal   materials   such   as   thin   stainless   steel   plate,   iron   plate   and galvanized plate,  which  can  perfectly  replace  traditional  argon.  Arc welding, electric weldingand other processes.

The   hand-held   laser   welding   machine  can  be   widely   used   in complex   and   irregular   welding   processes   in   kitchen   cabinets,   stair elevators,  shelves,  ovens,  stainless  steel  door  and  window  guardrails, distribution boxes, and stainless steelhomes.

Technical Parameters

Serial number project parameter
1 Device name Handheld fiber laser welding machine
2 Laser power 500W/800W/1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W
3 Laser wavelength 1070 NM
4 Fiber length Standard 10M maximum support 15M
5 Way of working Continuous / modulation
6 Speed Range 0~120 mm/s
7 Cooling Water Industrial thermostatic water tank
8 Working Temperature 15~35 ?
9 Working humidity < 70%No condensation
10 Welding thickness 0.5-3mm
11 Welding gap requirements ≤0.5mm
12 Voltage 380V

 Welding Compare

Comparison Project Traditional Welding Laser Welding New Laser Welding
Heat input Very high Low Low
Deformation Big Small Small
Base Metal Bond strength general good Very good
Final Product Processing Polishing No need to polish No need to polish
Welding speed general 2 times of argon arc welding 2 times of argon arc welding
Material SS. CS.GS SS. CS.GS SS. CS.GS
Consumables More Less Less
Operation difficulty complex General Sample
Safety Unsafe Safe Safe
Environment Polluted Environmental Environmental
Fault tolerance Good not good Good
Swing welding No No Yes
Spot width adjustable No No Yes
Welding quality bad General Good

Melt depth data

power/Melt depth stainless steel Carbon steel Galvanized sheet
500W 0.5-0.8mm 0.5-0.8mm 0.5-0.8mm
800W 0.5-1.2mm 0.5-1.2mm 0.5-1.0mm
1000W 0.5-1.5mm 0.5-1.5mm 0.5-1.2mm
1500W 0.5-2.0mm 0.5-2.0mm 0.5-1.8mm
2000W 0.5-3mm 0.5-3mm 0.5-2.5mm

Handheld laser welding machine features:

  • Simple and easy to operate, the weld is not deformed;
  • Laser output is stable, ensuring weld consistency;
  • High power density after laser focusing;
  • deep, and small deformation.

The weld seam is smooth and beautiful, the welding workpiece has no deformation,the welding is firm, and no subsequent grinding process is required, which savestime and cost.

360 degree without dead angle micro soldering

After the laser beam is focused, a small spot can be obtained, which can be accuratelypositioned and used in the group welding of micro and small size workpieces for massproduction. Mainly for the welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts, it can realizespot welding, butt welding, stack welding, sealing welding, etc., high aspect ratio, small weldwidth, small heat affected zone, small deformation, fast welding speed, no need to be processed after welding or simply processed.

Fast, easy to operate, labor saving

Fast welding speed, 2-10 times faster than traditional welding, one machine can replace atleast 2 welders a year

Long life working, safer and more environmentally friendly

Laser welding is with low consumables for micro soldering.

Industry application

Cabinet kitchen, staircase elevator, shelf, oven, stainless steel door andwindow guardrail, distribution box, stainless steel furnishings and other industries.