LeMans guillotine shears


•  The LeMans press brakes produced in Turkey according many years knowledge and experience.
•  LeMans Hydraulic Guillotine Shears for this sheets up to 50% faster cutting and efficiency achieved with double speed concept.
•  Shears cutting thickness from 6mm - up to 25mm, cutting length from 2 meter - up to 6 meter. Provides high cutting quality with low cutting angle design concepts.
•  Unique construction feature has a fixed angle of cut. Machine can be produce with automatical blade gap and stroke adjustment by CNC controller according to customers request. Machine body and upper beam's made of steel constructions has been designed accordingminimum stretchand optimum resistance criteria.
•  1000mm back gauge travel (stroke). performed with linear ball shaft, without backlash guide.
•  Automatic swing-up feature of backgauge after 1000mm to feed longer sheets easily with +/0.1mm positioning accuracy and programmable retract features.

Width: 1600mm; 2100mm; 3100mm; 4000mm; 6150mm
Controllers: ELGO, ESA, CYBELEC
Cutting thickness: up to 25mm