LeMans press brake


•  The LeMans press brakes produced in Turkey according many years knowledge and experience.
•  Body and upper beam made of steel constructions.
•  Body, as the manufacture of precision CNC machining center is a single operation.
•  Cylinders, processed as precision from solid full material and made honed.
•  Pistons, processed from forged steel, hardened, grinding is done and chrome-coated.
•  Maximum machine performance and high bending accuracy provided by synchronized Hydraulic Cylinders, CNC-controlled, assembly in ideal conditions made the original Germany hydraulic block, Proportional valves, high quality linear scales.
•  Each time the machine automatically goes to the reference.

•  Automatically pressing force adjustment according material and tools criteria.
•  Automatic position settings and retract functions each step in bending programming.
•  Automatically stroke adjustment.
•  Programmable and automatically maximum force limitations for protections tools damage.
•  Bending programs can save memory and recall again, search according material, tools.
•  Programmable working speed.
•  Manual, Semiautomatic, Full atuomatically working made.
•  Conical bending features.
•  C type linear scala holders for body stretch compensations, protect diagonal working.
•  Close Loap synchronized cylinders controlling on bend processing.
•  Maximum hydraulic pressure protect by safety valve.
•  Electronic overload protect system.
•  Automatically calculations unfolded length, automatically and programmable bend order features, according to the material thickness, material type, tools features.
•  Optionally original Wila brand manual or motorized crowning systems.


Axis: 3 to 12      
CNC Controllers: ESA, DELEM, CYBELEC    
2D or 3D graphical based controllers    
Unimec or LeMans Backhauges    
Power: from 40 tones; 60 tones; 100 toner; 135 tones; 175 tones; 220 tones; 270 tones; up to 1000tones
Length: from 1250mm; 2100mm; 2600mm; 3100mm; 3700mm; 4100mm; 5100mm; 6100mm; 8100mm
Tandem: Optional      
CNC or manual Crowning: optional    
Wila TOP and BOTTOM tools: optional    


Standard Machine Features

1.  Y1, Y2, X (3 axis with X=750mm)  
2.  CNC Controller Unit ESA S630 (3-4 axes)
3.  Stroke 260mm & Throat depth 410 mm
4.  LeMans Servo motorised backgauge with ball screws, linear guided, Mitsubishi Motors&Drivers
5.  GIVI (Italy) Optic Linear Scales
6.  2 Pieces backgauge fingers, manually movable along the linear guide, precisely adjusted
7.  2019 style new side safety doors and cylinder covers
8.  Hoerbiger (Germany) hydraulic blocks with proportional valves
9.  Eckerle (Germany) oil pump, internal gear type
10.  Promecam European type "quick clamping" system
11.  Narrow Bottom table IW = 60mm (F<= 220Tons) IW=90mm (F>=270 ton)
12.  Sliding Front support arms (2pcs)
13.  Top Tool : Eurostamp 1260, H:67, 85°, R:0,8
14.  Bottom Die : Eurostamp 2067, 4 way V=16-22-35-50mm, 85°, H:60,
15.  175 Tons and above might require extra bottom tools.
16.  CE Conformity: DSP or AKAS II front safety lasers+PLC+rear light beams